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Un espacio íntimo para compartir: nuestro Blog

By | 4 January, 2017 | 0 comments

Blog Post

A new year begins… that’s the best moment to get down to work for releasing and launchings. We are no less, for this reason we start this 2017 with great enthusiasm and hope looking forward to, above all, keep working so our clients, this is, YOU, enjoy an unique experience in the hotel and also we keep working to reach you easily, sharing with you how day-to-day feeling “closer”. Communication is our great challenge for this year and we are entirely into it!

Our social networks are more active than ever, our Instagram account is more active than ever (we will tell you about this later on) but we want, above all, to welcome you to this place that we are opening for you with the tenderness and love that you deserve. Our Blog will be the place where, each week, every Wednesday (this is, periodically, if nothing goes wrong, you know perfectly our technology works) you will find new information about the things going on in town, in the hotel or in the area that we find relevant for sharing with you.

This blog starts with the sole aim of getting closer to you, having a place without limits where writing while opening us to the world. We enjoy feeling useful and offering you a complete experience before arriving to the city. Madrid, as you may already know, is a big city and lots of things are taking place, always. Everything form an experience, there’s a plan just round every corner and on every Street: Exhibitions, museums, events, musicals, plays, trade shows, fairs… Endless opportunities without limits. Here, in this blog, we will share almost everything we know: we can’t know everything, that’s impossible!

We want to hear from you!

However, here at Hotel Nuevo Madrid, for us, you come first. We write a lot but, before sharing our deepest thoughts poetically, we try our best to find the best things around to share the most relevant and significant events. You are the best person to tell us if we are doing this well, for this reason, we want to hear from you: What would you enjoy finding in our blog? Places to visit? Plans for afternoons? Evenings? Maybe with kids? Places to hold work meetings? One-day trips in Madrid area? No matter what interests you the most, please send us your requests and we will get back to you with the best ideas.

This Blog is Your Blog, where you will find what you are looking for: useful tips if you are visiting Madrid and secrets that will make you lick your lips. This is our sincere and unlimited way to get closer to our community; this is, to you, in order to get to know you better. We are looking forward to receiving your comments, suggestions and wishes.

Today starts our/your blog, we have been working on this a very long time and we will keep going, day after day, with our notebooks in our hands taking down ideas and goings-on in Madrid so we don’t miss anything!

We start and we hope you can join us every Wednesday, here.



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