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Nuestros barrios: Chamartín

By | 18 January, 2017 | 0 comments


The most famous song of Spanish songwriter Joaquín Sabina is called “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid” [Let’s Say I’m Talking About Madrid] and he is perfectly right: Madrid has lots of things to talk about. Right here, in our Blog recently started, we are sharing many different aspects of the city that you can’t miss, however, we can not describe every one of the pieces that make up this unique city.

Madrid is a set, resulting from lots of people who live here, others who leave, and others who come back. All of them make up Madrid, each from their personal and physical point of view.

Neighbourhoods are the essence of the city

People, houses, Business, parks and streets make up neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods make up Districts. And our 21 Districts make up this majestic city: Madrid. Each District is special, with its own and personal nature. People who live in each area, create micro-cities that could be perfectly independent but, in fact, there’s nothing like being part of the great city of Madrid.

In our blog, our beloved space, we have decided to pay homage to each District. 21 posts where we will know better the people who live or work there, who built them, and how they are. In addition to pay homage to these Districts, describing them is the best way to introduce you to our city and, who knows, maybe is a good claim and incentive for you to come and visit us!

Where shall we start? We couldn’t do it otherwise but from our District, this is, Chamartín. This is the District that welcomes us, where our hotel is built, our space, our area, our habitat.

Chamartín: A District… More than a neighbourhood

Our district, Chamartín, is made up of 6 neighbourhoods that give a unique, special and different life to the whole city. Located in the north part of the city, our District it is bordered by Fuencarral – El Pardo but also Ciudad Lineal (in the east), Salamanca (in the south) and finally in Tetuan (in the west).

The 6 neighbourhoods are really known and each has something differentiating: El Viso, Prosperidad, Ciudad Jardín, Hispanoámerica, Nueva España, Barrio Castilla. These neighborhoods hold emblematic places that can not be unnoticed: All the transits that come in and out from Chamartín Railway Station (the second railway station of the city, right after the remodelled Atocha station) which is now flourishing since lots of attractive meetings and fairs for locals and visitors are held in its rooftop.

One of the main attractions of the neighbourhood is, undoubtedly the Real Madrid’s stadium, this is, a place that attracts international interest, even from people who are not football supporters. The Towers Gate of Europa are now an important place in the neighbourhood, since they are the north gate of Madrid, towards the sky. And not only at business level but offering activities to “common people”, including Street Food events, etc.

The residential area El Viso is a really appreciated area to live in Madrid, because of its tranquillity and high-level. The National Auditorium of Music (Auditorio Nacional), the Museum of the City (Museo de la Ciudad), the Berlin’s Park (Parque de Berlín) or the Natural Science Museum (Museo de Ciencias Naturales) are other representative buildings that calls the visitor attention to Chamartín.

Here, in Chamartín, we are looking forward to receiving you in Madrid with maximum comfort and convenience.

Imagen: Allan Reyes

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