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San Valentín llena Madrid de corazones

By | 6 February, 2017 | 0 comments


And it arrives, it always arrives: for those who fancy and love it and also for those who feel a bit reluctant about it but are kind of hopeful. In the end, the warmest day of the year, the loveliest, reddish one, it arrives. 

Yes, Saint Valentine is the saint who feels love in the deepest… He is about to arrive and all shops and everything around us are remind us about it. However, we love it: Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate love, to spend some quality time with our Valentine that in other moments we can’t spend for being busy or tired. From my point of view, this day is ok because at the end we are like this: it’s difficult for us to celebrate this kind of things (it’s easier to complain about it!) marked in red on the calendar but, if such dates didn’t exist, we would never meet our family nor celebrate our birthday or give a boost to Love.

So, the Day is coming in order to give yourself a special, unique moment; calm, without trouble nor distractions… Only you and your Valentine: you must take care of your lover, feed him with affection, good moments, intimacy and caresses. Wow, if we made our best for love every day! What a lovely place the world would be! Here, at the Hotel, we bet you can.

We are committed with love. Cupid has made his darts on us.

We love celebrations! And preparing something special that you can enjoy a lot. This Valentine’s Day is best than before and, even though it is a Tuesday, we extend the celebration a few days, until the weekend, which also counts and can be and have… Much LOVE.

We make it easy for you, so you don’t need to think, just enjoy. A getaway (even if you are travelling right around the corner) it’s always the best plan to spend as a couple. Get away from everything, come to a hotel (Your hotel) where everything is done, in Madrid, everything is prepared for you being comfortable and satisfied. You won’t need to worry about anything but… Loving each other! Double-room with check-out at 14h (so you can rest a bit more), buffet breakfast, parking, SPA and gym and a special gift in the room… Everything is prepared by us, moreover, with a special price. Only in our website!

We look after you so this Valentine’s Day is the best of your life, we promise!


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