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Arte, mucho arte en Madrid: Vuelve ARCO

By | 8 February, 2017 | 0 comments

arco Madrid Arte

Madrid has talent, has art, there is no doubt. There is always something exceptional going on in the city: there’s always something to visit, to enjoy… i.e. an exhibition, a fair, a performance. There’s something going every moment of the day. But the year has key moments that make Madrid glow even more in certain areas of the city. If in previous posts we talked about the fashion dates, we can not leave Art behind (we don’t want, either, since we love it!). It’s time for ARCO (the International Contemporary Art Fair) and IFEMA and those involved are already prepared to look… arty!

ARCO, International Contemporary Art

ARCO is the most important international fair of Contemporary Art. Since its first edition back in 1982, there have been lots of unique moments around the world to highlight, moments that art lover can not afford to miss. Year after year, everything is set out in detail in Madrid to guarantee that everything works properly and comes out perfectly.

What can be found in ARCO? A bit of everything but always, a little of the best, the most avant-garde, what is and above all will be, in the conversations of art specialists and people who know about art. Every time you visit ARCO, you will find a wide artistic offer)unified in the same place during some days) featuring historic and actual avant-garde trends, together with the trends that are emerging strongly.  

ARCO, art without limits or borders

And if there’s something that doesn’t have borders or understand of nationalities, that is Art. Throughout the world there are people with a special vision and an exceptional touch to develop art: all of them have a place in ARCO. The IFEMA pavilions where the fair takes place welcomes artists from here, from there and the artist that are about to come. Of course without forgetting our roots, always giving a boost to our domestic artists.

In addition, ARCO also is committed on art collection because, without a doubt, it is necessary to preserve the great. During the fair, institutional, private and corporate collections are also promoted.

From 22nd to 26th February 2017, Madrid is Art at its highest level. Everything in Madrid breathes art, not only Ifema but also the galleries downtown, and also the workaday spots like restaurants and bars surrender these days to art.

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