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Llega el AutoCine a Chamartín

By | 15 February, 2017 | 0 comments


What would we do without cinema!? Probably, we would get used to live without it, since we have lots of options to watch good movies and series at home. However, theaters are special, they have this thing special that make them last overcoming handicaps and obstacles (price tickets are extremely high lately, making it kind of difficult to go to the movies). By hook or by crook, cinema is still alive decade after decade and we are waiting for our favorite movies premieres to watch them on the big screen.

Maybe the thing is that, as always, what captivates us is The Experience: going to the movies is not just watching the film we were waiting for or the film we watch without knowing anything “let’s watch and see if it’s good”. Going to the cinema is a complete experience full of moments that give us thousands of sensations: we always want to get the right film, so choosing it is kind of an adventure: at the cinema, we can not do that thing of “ok, enough, let’s watch something else” but going to the cinema is a great moment to live and enjoy. Which film? Who are we going with? To which cinema? Which row? Which seat? Where are we going to enjoy the show? Without forgetting, of course… Popcorn? Soft drinks? Water? Everything counts and everything forms part of the experience. Everything is important because, the person chosen to watch that film will determine the whole experience since, when choosing a film, you want your partner to enjoy it too. Cinema is important, either last generation cinema, perfect for those blockbusters with special effects like old cinema, auteur cinema and the most adequate to watch in the original language with subtitles. Going to the cinema is  something important to be enjoyed with a childlike enthusiasm. Always!

And to encourage cinema where we are already used to everything, another turn of the screw is combining the whole lifetime experiences with new experiences: Now more than ever, it’s time to do something different looking back with nostalgia and recovering the old experiences because we need the taste of what always have made us feel home, giving us a rest with all the technological revolution. In this terms, Madrid is always in the lead. Therefore, there is an opening day and the first drive-in cinema in Madrid, furthermore, in our neighborhood: Chamartín! Are you missing it? We are going and we’ll tell you.

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