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Chocolate con churros… En Madrid, ¿dónde si no?

By | 22 February, 2017 | 0 comments

chocolate con churros

Winter means hot chocolate with churros (those small deep-fried batter sticks) specially in Madrid. Who can resist to this typical juicy and sweet breakfast or snack? Visiting Madrid and not tasting them should be a crime punished by law with a double serving of Churros with hot chocolate.

Why are Churros in Madrid different, unique and unrepeatable? Because they have been cooked for lots of years. The most ancient “churrera” family is here, this hardens the tradition. Experience is important, in chocolatier and churrero art, too. In addition, not only this family is here but they have taught the rest of churreros who now work here and they are reference both for locals and visitors.

Where can you find churros?

You will find lots of “Churrerías” in Madrid: all of them are charming and they offer very rich Churros. If they have something, it’s excellent raw material. The best chocolate and the best ingredients to make a unique dough for churros. That’s the key, together with the care they put so having Churros with hot chocolate becomes…. a sweet experience!

      Los Artesanos (The Artisans, in English): They have been doing their best in Madrid (Churros with hot chocolate) since 1902. They do their best without exceptions, they are as enthusiasts as the first day. Five generations of the family has worked in calle San Martín, 2 right between Sol and Opera squares (100% downtown). Juan Gabriel (Fourth Generation) now at the driver’s seat, teaches his sons and daughters Gabriel, Alba and Héctor the art of creating the best churros in Madrid. Apparently, he did his job well because hundreds of people chose this place every day to spend the sweetest moment of the day. If you come to Madrid for a visit, you can’t miss this spot which opens daily from 7 to 23.

      San Ginés: perhaps the most famous one, even more than the previous. Maybe because of its location and the long queues. This Chocolatería (typical place for Churros with hot chocolate) is also located between Sol and Opera squares, in an alley we wouldn’t reach if we didn’t look for this delicious taste. Day after day, San Ginés staff strives to give the best to the hundreds of customers. Since when? Since 1894. They have already worked in 3 different centuries and that, of course, hardens their art.

If you are coming to Madrid for a visit, or you are already here, treat yourself!


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