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El papel de la Mujer en el sector turístico

By | 8 March, 2017 | 0 comments

March is the month of many things but above all, is the month when we must highlight the role of Women since we still have lot of work to do so men and women are equal. Work is one of the aspects where discrimination between men and women exist and we all know that there is still a long way to reach equality.

Both in hotel and tourism sector, the role of women is not very present even though, like men, women are very important. More and more, we see women as executives in hotels and tourist environments even though we must admit that is a sector with long male tradition: little by little, it is necessary make the turn of screw so all the positions are held according to the person skills and not the gender. Tourism sector is changing and it’s exciting to see the idea explained above: more and more executive women, female representatives of touristic institutions, female directors of marketing and bookings and, of course, staff manageress. In this area, more and more men are working in, so equality is taking place.

According to the latest data, tourism is the sector where women start and run their own business. This scheme is repeated to the highest echelons where 1 out of 5 Tourism Ministers are women. This is a great success but we must continue working day by day.

Women are essentials in all aspects of society and life. Women, we, are fighters, capable, versatile and always trying to rise above ourselves, overcoming adversities. Still, in the 21st century, we still need an International Day dedicated to remembering that equality between genders is necessary and, as proposed by the United Nations (every year launches a new objective in this field), by 2030, equality in the World becomes true.  

We are doing our best in the hotel and tourism sector: women have already essential roles in hotels and we can not work without them but, the most important: we do not want either.  


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