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De puente en Madrid

By | 15 March, 2017 | 0 comments

Further, in many nations, when a lone holiday occurs on a Tuesday or a Thursday, the gap between that day and the weekend may also be designated as a holiday, or set to be a movable or floating holiday, or indeed work/school may be avoided by consensus unofficially. This is typically referred to by a phrase involving “bridge” in most languages.

If we enjoy something here in Madrid, it is Bank Holiday. Whether you are from the city and you stay around or you are from other city and you come for a visit. Bank holiday are that breath of fresh air that allows us to disconnect, rest a bit and feel, now truly, that we recharge batteries. Bank holiday are always welcome and we’d love to have more! Who has not considered and wished that everything was more equitable, this is, weeks having 3 holidays and not just 2?

Bank holiday… They are great! We love them in Madrid. What can we possibly say! We just had Monday 19th March as feast  day and it was incredible. Why? Because apart from people having 3 days of holiday without working, the weather was excellent. Spring is already here, temperature is pleasant, is great being at the sun and protected in the shade (don’t forget a jacket!) and Madrid has great options and alternatives to enjoy your free time.

On a bank holiday like Father’s Day and José Saint’s Day, you have several options in Madrid: from the usual plans such as shopping, taking a walk through wonderful urban parks like The Buen Retiro Park o Casa de Campo, or discovering the new foodie places in Madrid. Furthermore, theatres with new plays, musicals and/or museums have already published their Spring programmes and they are offering nice plans for these days.

People say that Madrid is empty during bank holidays… That’s not true! Maybe it happened long time ago but is no longer like that: it’s not for economic reasons, but for new people coming to the city, people who have discovered that is a great place for a 3-4 days short trip and people who live here during the year and they rather stay around and enjoy the city. There are lots of things to do and to enjoy, Madrid offers great variety of plans and bank holiday are the best moment to enjoy things that you can enjoy while working. Rest, enjoy, get to know new places or repeat your favorite ones: do whatever you like but always do it in Madrid, since it is the best place to do so, it has always been!

For the next bank holiday… We are waiting here for you! We are here to offer you the best.


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