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“Otras” exposiciones que ver en Madrid

By | 22 March, 2017 | 0 comments

otras expos

Surely you have heard about  Madrid being one of the European cities with the best museums. The Reina Sofía, The Prado or Thyssen-Bornemisza are the most important ones in the art world but not the only ones: if you like different interpretations and expressions of art, you have much to see and much to enjoy in Madrid.

Where to start if you are interested in seeing something else, something special? Start by what you like the most, follow your passion and your intuition. You will find options for all choices, needs and interests… In El Museo del Traje you will discover the history of costumes and clothing that have marked each historical milestone; the recently rehabilitated and rebuilt Archaeological Museum is one of the greatest jewels of the city in terms of museum. One of those places you can’t stop visiting once and again, where time stops: in this museum you will discover where do we come from, our history. In the Museum of Romanticism you will find the most beautiful items of such movement and then enjoy an old-style cup of tea in its open-air rooftop terrace. After visiting Railway Museum you will know more about trains than before, you will appreciate more how we travel and move, how the sector has evolved, check how we used to travel before. And after visiting the Planetarium of Madrid you will know the name of the stars by heart…. And so on..

In addition to the museums, Madrid is always committed to art, to new and old creations, that maybe are not well-known but have quality and are interesting. Now, with the arrival of the Spring, new exhibitions open their doors for the enjoyment of art. Don’t miss them! The following are “small” but are impressive and interesting:

–  Chema Madoz stars in Conde Duque museum the 5th Edition of Miradas de Asturias. This well-known asturian photographer has portrayed the Asturian region without leaving his photography studio. Immerse yourself in the Centro Cultural Conde Duque where you can also visit the well-known Spanish writer and avant-garde agitator working office Ramón Gómez de la Serna.  

– Fernando Vicente and his illustrated classics. What a beautiful way to see and experience the all-times classics than through illustrations full of stories and sentiment. Sherlock Holmes, Peter Pan, Alice Through the Looking Glass or Dracula are just a few examples you’ll see. This exhibition is especially recommended to visit with children and / or teenagers that feel interested in art. You can visit it in the room ‘El Águila’ in the public library Joaquín Leguina.

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