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Nuestros barrios… Malasaña

By | 29 March, 2017 | 0 comments


This month again we continue travelling through the neighborhoods from our city. Getting to know them, where they are, what can we find and what they can offer us is synonym of knowing Madrid more. Last month we started a series of posts that couldn’t start otherwise… By Chamartín! Now we are heading up to Malasaña, one of the areas that are soaring more than ever.

Malasaña is located right in downtown and belongs to the district called “Centre”. Even though its limitations are quite clear, actually it is kind of difficult to distinguish it from its neighbor Chueca.

Malasaña is very trendy. Good atmosphere and lots of things to do: it’s a cool and fun area. You will always find a special place to enjoy a coffee or a green smoothie, a new bakery offering traditional bread but also healthy bread made with rye, spelled, etc. or shops offering vintage and unique clothing. In Malasaña you can find everything, being yourself and nobody paying attention to you.

In Malasaña people love genuine, fashionable things, which are also encouraged. In this area, you can enjoy theaters, cinemas, shops, bars, restaurants, barber shops… All kinds of shops, all with a special touch. This is the perfect area to spend hours walking around or relaxing next to a large window from where you can look back to the past and build dreams to fulfill.

Malasaña is inspiring, is art, is avant-garde and also, the opportunity to the World. Whoever visits this safe area, will return here for sure. Malasaña also has history: in its centre you will find the Square where Madrid’s most important event is marked: De 2nd of May Uprising and in its surroundings you will find emblematic buildings such as Palace de la Marquesa de Sonora (where the Ministry of Justice is located).

Lots of things to do… Lots and good things! Malasaña was the epicentre of the 70’s and 80’s Spanish countercultural movement: here happened intense and real things and the pub that inspired the well-known pop song “La Chica de Ayer” (Enrique Iglesias recorded a version in 2002) is still open. If you come around, during the day or at night, you will feel the girl of yesterday.


Pic: Nicolas Vigier


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