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España, un país healthy

By | 5 April, 2017 | 0 comments


Healthy, healthful and wholesome hashtags are becoming more and more trendy. You will find in all social networks photographs and comments suggesting a more natural life where we look after ourselves on the inside and on the outside, working on our spiritual side, eating better, working for our happiness… After stress and ambition trend, it’s time to go back to calm and look for the origins to recover calm, peace and happiness found in small things, in the smallest details.

Working to get calmness and full satisfaction towards the present and the things we have, avoiding conflicts, trying to solve difficult situations politely and calmly is the aim of a movement that is growing more and more in several cities and countries. Looking after our body and our mind and soul is an obligation. Being healthy is trendy and, we hope, is a long-term trend.

Of course, this movement has a list that ranks the healthiest countries in the world. Unexpectedly, Spain is among the 10 healthiest countries, moreover, it’s the 6th!

El Índice de Salud Global de Bloomberg ha estipulado que España es el sexto lugar del Mundo más saludable de entre un listado de 163 países. El baremo se ha situado según la esperanza de vida, las causas de fallecimiento de los países estudiados o los riesgos que para sus habitantes existe (como la presión arterial, los hábitos poco saludables o la alimentación).

Spain ranked sixth in the Bloomberg Global Health Index of 163 countries: because of life expectancy, causes of death and health risks (i.e. blood pressure, unhealthy habits or food).

Why Spain is ranked 6 as the healthiest country of the world?

Because here we eat very healthy, for the Mediterranean diet is one of our most valuable treasures. The way we eat (when we do it healthy!) helps us being healthy, looking after our digestive system and, also, the rest of our body. Furthermore, here in Spain we prefer homemade food than fast food (and this is very helpful for being healthy). In addition, we must highlight that, according to the Bloomberg Global Health Index, our healthcare system is very good.  
Here in Spain we are very open, positive, warm and cheerful people, we always get ahead. We love sport because the weather is good and, for this and other reasons, we are ranked as the healthiest countries after Italy, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia and before Japan, Sweden, Israel and Luxembourg.

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