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Madrid es para correr… O mejor dicho, hacer running

By | 20 April, 2017 | 0 comments

running Madrid

Runners don’t distinguish between dates, seasons or periods: running nowadays is fashionable and does who practice this sport are passionate about it, it doesn’t matter if it is sunny, rainy, windy, cold or warm… The most important is getting your sports footwear and start running miles. Why is this sport so fashionable? For thousand of reasons but, the most important, it is a physical activity that brings lots of personal satisfactions to runners who improve their technique. Moreover, you can run anywhere, at anytime and even alone: you only need your clothes and footwear. This makes this sport really easy to practice since you don’t need a schedule and changing your routines, or looking for other people to create a team, neither book in advance a sports hall or court. These characteristics are very important given the current daily routines. This sport is also great for people who are travelling all day. Here at our hotel we welcome many businessmen and businesswomen who, at the very beginning of their day, early in the morning or at the end of the day, stroll through the hotel reception on their sports clothes. They always come later really happy. And, for those who want more, our jacuzzi – sauna is perfect to end the sport session perfectly!  

In Madrid is really easy to go running. The city is more and more aware of the importance of this sport, making it more reachable: Together with the wide streets to enjoy the running without bothering the wayfarers, you can find great parks anywhere around the city to enjoy your sports passion under the best conditions.

  • In Hotel Nuevo Madrid surroundings: we are in the Arturo Soria area, where you can find a wide boulevard with trees and green areas full of clean and healthy oxygen making your sports career more comfortable. (4,5 km long)
  • Buen Retiro Park: One of the runners favorite places because of its extension, the lack of cars, the variety of vegetation and the different paths you can run.
  • Madrid Rio area: since the railway was concealed under a splendorous park, you will find runners all the time: 9 km with kilometre points every 60 metres.
  • Casa de Campo Park: 25 km for running.
  • Green Canal Athletics track: 1,2 km for runners.  

Furthermore, if you love running, we will soon share with you information regarding the most important urban running races that take place in Madrid, so you can start training.

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