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El mejor lugar para tu evento de empresa

By | 25 May, 2017 | 0 comments


Organizing a business event is a great responsibility that undoubtedly requires all your attention and care. For this reason, the best thing you can do is putting all your dedication without delay.

When considering a brand event included in the communication and marketing strategy of the company, certain objectives are pursued: such aims should be crucial to achieve an event with great success. Despite the years, the advances and the Internet boom, corporate events have not lost importance, by no means, on the contrary: events are more important than ever given the importance of the new technologies and social networks that give them more and more impact. The events have always been, still are and, of course, will continue representing a key part of every company interested in standing out offering a unique experience to its guests, followers and customers …

However… How should you organize the event so everything is perfect? First of all, you must be precise during the process. First of all, choosing a nice place is essential. That’s the key, the basis of all excellent events. Choosing an appropriate, comfortable and nice spot with all the requirements for your celebration and, of course, managed by an experienced staff, makes everything easier. You will work with a guarantee that is a priceless asset.  

A hotel can offer you all your requirements. Why? For the reasons detailed below:

  • A Hotel like Hotel Nuevo Madrid, for having its own Convention Center, is the perfect spot for any kind of event. Large rooms, with natural light and excellent height so everything flows uniquely.
  • Furthermore, the hotel offers additional services so your event is perfect. Guests lodging will be already solved before starting your meeting, in the best possible way. Furthermore, your guests will enjoy the comfort of being at the same place of the meeting. Nothing better than taking a rest between meetings or getting dressed before dinner without thinking of how to reach a place.
  • Professional staff at your disposal. One important feature of this hotel, apart from the meeting rooms and Conventions Center, is an excellent team totally devoted to the organization of events. Undoubtedly, this is an extra help that will make you feel confident and calm.


When planning a company event, the foundations are extremely important. The spot of the event is the key and at the Conventions Center of Hotel Nuevo Madrid you will find the first piece of your puzzle.


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