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Qué trae de nuevo la 76 edición de FLM

By | 1 June, 2017 | 0 comments


As every year since 1933, in late May and early June and during three weeks, Madrid is the place hosting the most important rendez-vous for book lovers. This Year, on its 76th edition, the Madrid Book Fair has arrived. And… What’s going on this year? What’s new? What and whom will we see? We are sharing with you everything we know so you don’t miss anything.

When and How ?

Similarly as in previous editions, FLM17 takes place in the Buen Retiro Park. It is an extraordinary setting to house all the booths, booksellers, publishers, distributors and, most important of all: the visitors who will go through surrounded by the letters, paragraphs that give shape to literature.

The first booth is located next to Casa Árabe (Calle Alcalá 62). All the path through Retiro Park is surrounded by booths and excellent places to hold cultural activities, photograph exhibitions and also excellent spots to enjoy coffee and allow you to build your strength back up again.

This year, the Madrid Book Fair will take place from 26 May to 11 june. During 20 days you can enjoy this extraordinary book exhibition and enjoy, as in every edition, a 10% discount in all the books. The fair is open from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 9.30pm (so you can have more time to enjoy the fair).  

Portugal, the special guest

Every year, the Fair welcomes a special guest and this 2017, our neighbour Portugal has been chosen: with an extraordinary literary tradition, together with its cultural patrimony honoured by UNESCO.  

If you want to know more of portuguese literature and all the activities that will take place in FLM17, please download here the program.

Activities during the fair

The 400 booths converging this year representing publishing houses, bookshops and distributors display their best books: well-known authors (also beginners who are making on their own) will be signing their latest books. The youngest ones will enjoy activities specially conceived for children, who help promoting culture and literature in the children’s ward.  
You will something suitable for you, something you will like and enjoy. In order to not missing a thing, please check the Madrid Book Fair official webpage.

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