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Otro de nuestros barrios: el de Salamanca

By | 8 June, 2017 | 0 comments


Again, this month, we visit another of the emblematic areas of our city. Madrid would not be the same Madrid, also, it would not be so well known, without one of its flagship neighbours. Barrio de Salamanca is known worldwide, we are not exaggerating: thanks to its Milla de Oro area (Golden Mile, in English), barrio de Salamanca appears in every international tourist circuit.   

Barrio de Salamanca belongs, in fact, to the District of Salamanca: this district includes 6 neighbourhoods: Castellana, Lista, Guindalera, Recoletos, Goya and Fuente del Berro although, people in Madrid calls colloquially Barrio de Salamanca to the most chic area in the city, this is, the streets of Serrano, Goya, Velázquez and the more and more trendy Jorge Juan. However, we must know that Salamanca is a whole district and, if we are considering the area, we must take into account that Salamanca includes Castellana, Recoletos and Goya areas.

El barrio de Salamanca is known worldwide, as we indicated at the very beginning of this post, thanks to its high concentration of luxury shops. Iconic streets such as Serrano, Ortega y Gasset and their surroundings are always in the minds of shopping lovers. Notwithstanding, this area has more things.

It is also known for hosting the most representative families of the city, this area owes its name to José de Salamanca and Mayo, Marqués de Salamanca. With more than 150,000 inhabitants, this area has 538.72 hectares. It was founded back in 1864, when calle Serrano works started in the section that comprises between Goya a Villanueva. Little by little, sections and spaces were implemented until, in 1927, the district works were finished.

Here, in these streets, you can enjoy not only the best fashion shops of the city (in terms of brand and high quality level, since the matter of taste is something very personal) but also you will find high-class Michelin-starred restaurants, this area hosts “the most exclusive nightlife of Madrid”. All this without forgetting its great museums such as the National Archaeological Museum or the National Library of Spain.

This barrio was conceived as an area especifically designed and focused for the aristocratic and bourgeois class of the time, which has allowed us to enjoy currently its great architectural quality of its constructions as well as the exceptional beauty in its historic façades.

When coming to Madrid, you will not miss this area and you will come back more than once.


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