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Planes de verano con niños en Madrid

By | 22 June, 2017 | 0 comments


June comes to its end, so does the academic year. Now finally kids are freed of their daily obligations and have all day loooooooooong off. Yay! They are completely free. For them, this is great and even though you still have obligations, it’s also great for you so you will have more opportunities to spend time together.

However, we understand perfectly that now is time to find new solutions to find alternatives for these days, where it is nearly impossible to manage the kids’ energy with interesting activities with high value for them. It’s not an easy task but Madrid tries to help as much as possible, and so we do!

In Madrid you will have thousands of plans, you can choose among all day long activities or plans that are perfect to enjoy during the morning or afternoon, while leaving time for other things. We have chosen for you the best plans to give you ideas, still, we are looking for more plans so we will probably give you more later on, with new ideas. We start with this options so you can fill your schedule and be more relaxed during your kids holiday.


If you want to have fun with your children and spend a day in the middle of nature (we usually do not do much), disconnect from everything digital and live a unique adventure, Amazon Adventure is your place. In Madrid they have two parks (Cercedilla and Pelayos) and you will be surprised only by seeing their website. Infinity of activities between trees and zip lines available.


      Adventure: if you want to have fun with your kids and spend a whole day surrounded by nature (which we don’t do very often) while disconnecting from technologies and enjoying an authentic adventure, then, Amazon Aventure is your place. In Madrid they have 2 locations (Cercedilla and Pelayos) and you will have fun just cheking their web: lots of activities surrounded by trees and zipe wires. (

      We tour: still surrounded by nature (you have all school year long to enjoy indoors) you can chose among interesting and easy trips to go for a swimg in lakes and rivers such as the Lancha del Yelmo trip, in pantano de San Juan, very close to Madrid. Once there you will enjoy lots of activities with water such as canoeing and sailing.

      Festivals: If you are staying in the city, you can also have fun in the festivals specially conceived for children. This weekend, Gamer Gi in Ifema starts for videogame lovers. (

      Cinema: it’s always a nice moment to enjoy a film. In Madrid you have lots of cinemas at your disposal, with screenings of kids films. This 30 June you can enjoy Despicable Me 3. You can watch the 3rd episode of lovely minions.

      Culture: And, of course, the city museums have plans for the little ones. We will share this information with you later on through our social networks.


Lots of plans are available for you. You must take advantage of your time with your kids, don’t forget that they grow up very quickly!



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