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By | 12 July, 2017 | 0 comments


Already July…. Burning heat in Madrid! Well, that’s summer in the city of Madrid: temperatures are extremely high. On the other hand, we have more hours of sun and more free time to do cool and fun things. In addition, it looks like we don’t mind to stay awake more time chatting or enjoying a nice ice cream while taking a walk. Today, we present you the best ice cream parlors that, for several reasons, are extremely interesting (we can’t say they are the best of the cities since it wouldn’t be fair: Madrid is full of excellent ice cream shops!)

      Mistura: Considered a classic ice cream shop, it was founded in a small location in calle Augusto Figueroa (which is parallel to Fuencarral shopping street). This ice cream is unique in Spain, since it’s prepared as it is in India (the country where its owners have spent lots of years). Their trick consists of working with love a frozen stone of ice cream to create a unique texture, perfectly mixed with one of its toppings in order to create a majestic ice cream. Now, after several years present in Madrid, Mistura has opened more shops to enjoy these great icecreams (with or without toppings, as you prefer). Also, in Mistura, you can enjoy natural juices and homemade waffles and crepes. You will find all Mistura locations in the following link:

      Lolo Polos: well… This is not a traditional ice cream parlor. Lolo Polos only delivers icy poles (on top you will find its specialities) and, as it couldn’t be otherwise, it’s star product are… Icy Poles. Also, as in the previous ice cream shop we have recommended, Lolo Polos started in a small place (located in calle Espíritu Santos) but, after its success, has opened up in more locations, including the Canary Islands. 100% home-made icy poles with unexpected flavours such as matcha tea with coconut. More information at:

      La Pecera: well, here you will find fishy ice cream. WHAT? This extraordinary idea couldn’t be named otherwise: La Pecera means Fish tank in Spanish: directly from Japan, you can enjoy this alternative to icecream. The special thing is that this dessert is a taiyaki, a typical japanese cake, filled with soft ice cream to which the most original toppings are added. If you enjoy tasting original and special things, this is your place. Some people call it “the foody tsunami of summer”.


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