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En el tren de Felipe II hasta San Lorenzo del El Escorial

By | 26 July, 2017 | 0 comments


The train has lots of history. It is really slow and maybe the youngest one are very used to high-speed trains with all its facilities, fresh drinks and tv to watch a film. However, the adults are perfectly aware of slow-speed trains. Some of us have even travelled long trips with slow trains even sleeping in beds. Please note that, before the high-speed train that connects Madrid and Málaga in 2.20 hours, we had to take a nearly 5 hours train!

Well… before the high speed trains, we already had trains. If you want to know more of railway history in Madrid, please visit the Museo del Ferrocarril museum. In this Railway museum, you will enjoy ancient trains from the inside and enjoy the Mercado de Motores (which takes place once per month).

Today we go back to Philip the II era, in order to describe what is nowadays called ‘its train’. This train is one of the customized trains of Madrid (together with The Strawberry Train known for connecting Madrid with Aranjuez village, famous for its mouth-watering strawberries. We will tell you more about this train in the following posts!).

This train connects the municipalities of El Escorial and San Lorenzo del Escorial. You can get it in Madrid’s Príncipe Pío station at 10.20am and leave the city in an ancient convoy with its own locomotive. You will ride a 1964 passenger car! The train comes back to Madrid at 6.15pm.

You will find time to visit the villages of El Escorial and San Lorenzo de El Escorial (wow, don’t forget this is a must see for its majesty and beautiful innings) and enjoy the tour previously chosen. Don’t forget you have different options: routes for adults, families, customized visit perfectly conceived for enjoying with kids.

Spending a whole day with the Train of Philip II is a great opportunity to travel directly to past traditions, getting to know it while enjoying a cultural and beautiful short trip. Also, you can add to your trip guided visit to El Escorial majestic Monastery, visit the exteriors of the chocolate factory Matías López or the gardens of Casita del Príncipe.

Getting to know our history is always the best present you can receive.


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