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Los cambios de Madrid Norte: una city abierta al mundo

By | 30 August, 2017 | 0 comments

Nuevo proyecto Madrid norte

So the approval by the City Council arrived and so did the good news: Madrid wants to improve everyday but in order to make it through, we need changes and modifications. nobody said that in order to evolve we can avoid being muddy and working hard for a while. Public works are hard to bear, they are not comfortable: we have to pull and remove in order to build (as in life itself) and on this occasion, it’s our turn: the turn of the north part of Madrid, Chamartín, our district.

Last 27th July, the City Major  together with the Spanish Minister of Public Works announced the general lines of this new project in order to create a “city open to welcome the World to the Capital of Spain”.

The railway station of Chamartín, our station, will be one of the central axes of this innovative project. This area, next to the M30 beltway, will have a space for commercial areas, leisure and sports, so people can enjoy a place open to the environment. The station will also be remodelled, in order to have a new axis connecting our neighbourhood with the most important and significant green areas of the city.

This plan includes reducing by 20% the possibilities of building in the area so the area will not be this crowded and the new works will include green and leisure areas, by law.

Another interesting point of this plan it is its aim of strengthening the power of Chamartín area, which is full of offices and most of the business of the city take place in this area. After Brexit, now the companies planning to abandon United Kingdom will find a new home in Madrid. In order to welcome them, lots of offices are being designed and built in this area of the city, looking forward to becoming a key area in Europe. This business area, with more than 1,2 million of square meters, are welcoming talent.

This plan is not only attractive but also ambitious. With a 6,000 million euros budget, this plan will improve the area surrounding the Chamartín station which is full of possibilities.

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