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Septiembre, también es verano

By | 6 September, 2017 | 0 comments


September has arrived, so we have just started feeling the typical “end of summer” sadness… Some people are also feeling the so-called post-vacation blues but… Don’t forget! September is still summer! We still have some days left before the 21st September, when the autumn starts but, if we check the thermometer, we can still enjoy the warmth.

And lately, some people extend the summer until September or even October, which is the preferred option of many. Working in August is now trendy in Madrid: people who work 9 to 5 in an office are happy to work in the month where everybody is out for holiday: is perfect to work in delayed things and to make the most of working hours. Then, in September, those go on holiday while people who went on vacation in August must work hard in September, getting stressed while people who spent the month of August in the office are now free and relaxed far away from everything.

But, don’t worry: if you are back to work and you have no holiday left until next year, still, you can enjoy a weekend getaway or make up a long weekend thanks to a bank holiday in Friday or Monday and visit a city like Madrid. Here, in our city, September is the best part of summer.

Temperatures are great now: it’s not very cold yet, of course, freezing temperatures are still far away and it’s not hot: intense heat is already gone, except for very specific days. Now, with this lovely weather, leisure options in Madrid are great: theaters start new season’s, concerts… now cinema are screening the best movies of the year. Also, museums renew their exhibitions and open their doors with novelties. You will find flea markets and events that, after the break during the months of July and August, are now back with strength.

September in Madrid is, undoubtedly, the best opportunity to enjoy the long summer, to feel that we still have some days left to live intensely our moments of fun and to get to know places that maybe, during the extremely hot days of July and August, was not possible.

Extend your summer, enjoy it by visiting Madrid in a unique way.

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