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Carreras por y para el running en septiembre en Madrid

By | 20 September, 2017 | 0 comments


Running and racing are more fashionable than ever. Just wearing our trainers and walking faster and faster stride by stride, we move our bodies and our entire nervous system, organism and, in consequence, our innermost being. Running is very healthy (well, as always, in moderation and always in a reasonable manner) and here, in Madrid, more and more people go running everyday (me, myself included!) enjoying it a lot.


Why this interest for running in Madrid? Maybe because of all the places we have to practice this sport? We can go running in El Retiro Park or in the Manzanares-river bank areas of Madrid Rio, which feels like a life-present: lots of runners are gathering and running together, sharing the best moments of their running experiences.


If you are already a runner who is “addicted” and also you enjoy running popular races in order to check your limits, well, you are already on the next running level! For this reason, you can’t miss any of the races taking place this month of September in Madrid.


Lots of races take place in the Community of Madrid every weekend, so you can chose the most suitable one according to your running level and home location: you can choose among lots of options but today we are just introducing you the ones that take place in the city centre.


      Madrid corre por Madrid (Madrid runs for & in Madrid) (17th September 2017). Run and exercise for one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy and discover, this time running, the most important and emblematic streets of Madrid. Madrid corre por Madrid is a unique race which, in its 9th edition, will donate its benefits (2€ for each inscription) to the foundation Bomberos unidos sin fronteras (United Firefighters without Borders) and also to the Father Garralda-Horizontes Abiertos foundation. Also, you can run on your own (you will make lots of runner friends!) or in teams of 5 members (good fun!)


      4th  Carrera semana Naval (Naval week race) (24th September 2017). Well. Do you want to win a trip to Rio de Janeiro while being supportive? Then, this is your race in September. Departing from the Naval Museum of Madrid (it couldn’t be otherwise!) this race runs for its 4th edition and during the 10km distance and the 1€ donated for each inscription, this races helps you being a better person (raised money goes for Alicia y Guillermo Foundation, which looks after the eldest ones, and Pablo Ugarte Foundation, which fights against Cancers developed in Children).


      Heart Popular Race (30th September 2017). 10 km race in the city in order to support the Spanish Association of Cardiology, the Spanish Heart Foundation and all the people who take care for their hearts everyday (something which we should always do, as a preventive measure). Taking care of our body is always and obligation, since our hearts rule our lives. Our heart should always be strong and healthy and for that reason, you have to exercise and eat healthy.


If you enjoy running, you know, this is your moments! Put on your trainers and go on!

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