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12 de Octubre… Día de la Fiesta Nacional de España

By | 12 October, 2017 | 0 comments

Today is the National Day of Spain, we celebrate the day of our country but… Why today? Where does this date come from?

October 12 is the national day of Spain since 1987 and According to the Law that proclaimed: “October 12 it is declared National Day of Spain, for all purposes” and this date is chosen for the following reasons: The day represents the day when Spain, on the verge of constructing the State regarding its cultural and political plurality, integrating all its Monarchies in one united and beginning a cultural and linguistic project beyond the European limits.

Well, this is the official explanation but the date was also chosen in order to celebrate the first landfall in America, made by Christopher Colombus. This day is extremely important in order to join both Continents. However, this date would not be considered official until several years later… (Don’t forget Columbus thought he had arrived to Asia!)  When it became one of the most important dates of the Spanish history.

So, during several years, the Spain’s National Day was celebrated on the October 12 pero always changing its name, until 1987, since when it is celebrated every year under the same name: Spain’s National Day.

This celebration changes its location but, most of the years, it takes place in Madrid : a large military parade takes the street of the city, with the presence of the King and Royal Family, the President of the Government, together with the official members of the Government.

Well, everybody can join the party! This is a very important day for Spain so, if this October 12 you are in Madrid, don’t miss the military parade that will take the centre of Madrid, in Paseo de la Castellana. And, if you look up at the sky, you can enjoy the planes of the Patrulla Águila flights, the most spectacular show of the day.

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