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¿Por qué es fiesta el día 6 de diciembre?

By | 5 December, 2017 | 0 comments


December is coming… Well, in fact it has already arrived, we have reached our destination happily since December is always a month full of unforgettable moments and many days off, holiday, perfect to relax ourselves and enjoy them with our family, friends, and why not, travel around a bit.

You can make these trips if you have several days off, for example, at the very beggining of the month: this year, between the 6th and 8th December, we have an extraordinary holiday in Spain: since it is official holiday Wednesday and Friday, most of the people take also the Thursday off, having 5 days off, counting with the weekend. Some people love travelling during these days off and they travel to, for example, Madrid. (Can you imagine a better destination? Of course you don’t!)

But, why is it Bank Holiday in Spain this 6th December?

6th December is Bank Holiday because it is Constitution Day in Spain. This is more than official (since this is reflected in the Spanish Law, through a Royal Decree) and it is not a bank holiday randomly chosen. This 6th December marks the date when, back in 1978, all Spanish citizens decided, by an overwhelming absolute majority, to approve which today is still the Spanish Constitution. Few days later, on the 29th December (year 1978), the Constitution came into force when it was published in the B.O.E., this is, the Official newspaper of the Government of Spain. Since that date, all Spanish citizens are governed by this important document that changed the history of our country, allowing us to live with tranquility and equality.

The 6 December, is an extremely important day for the Spanish calendar. All the citizens celebrate it together, since it marks the 39 anniversary of something such important as the Spanish Constitution. Apart from being Bank Holiday (well! of course, as always, there are exceptions!), this 6th December you can enjoy official celebrations held by the Spanish Government or the Spanish Army.  

Also, those of you interested in history, you can enjoy the great opportunity of visiting the official buildings of the Spanish state: for example, you can visit the Spanish Parliament on the 6 December, where the present and future of our Country is decided by all the members of the Parliament, who are elected by the Spanish citizens.


What about you? Which are your plans for this 6th December?

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