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Cortilandia… Visita obligada en navidad en Madrid

By | 20 December, 2017 | 0 comments


If there is a Christmas classic in Madrid without a doubt, it is Cortilandia. All of us who are in Madrid during these dates and visited the city, know that we should not miss visit this unique and more than special attraction for children and adults. But what is Cortilandia? Since when is it present in our lives?

Every year, from the end of November and until January 1, in the street Maestro Vitoria (Callao’s Corte Inglés), every half hour, the show of music, light and Christmas toys come alive to tell a unique story to all present.

Now, in the year 2017, it is already a tradition but all began with a mere commercial aspect and it is that back in 1979, the famous department stores so famous in our country, launched what we know as Cortilandia as advertising claim. The main objective was to publicize the expansion of its first and largest center so far, Preciado’s center.

For that year was organized an impressive and more than real show for which the locomotive of the Madrid Amusement Park itself was brought, similar to the assembly of the Walt Disney parks. This assembly that took place in Madrid during Christmas, and during the rest of the year, for special parties, rotated through the most representative centers in Spain.

40 meters wide by 14 high. paper, cardboard, paint, lights and endless materials that are invested 12 months of work and a large team of professionals. Several ideas are put on the table until one of them is chosen. From then on, the magic begins and all the gear is put into operation until it takes life in 3D.

A professional musician will be responsible for performing the melody and lyrics of the main song from which the story is recreated. Everything must be very advanced for August, start with the characters so that in November, start the assembly on the facade of the center.

Polyester, cables, tubes, wood, cardboard, plaster … are the main materials that shape Cortilandia. A team from Germany responsible for the most important amusement parks in the world, create the basis that the internal team of El Corté Inglés will ride on the street. Álvaro Nieto (known for the song Gavilán or Paloma) is the author of the chorus that we all sing when Christmas arrives.

And you, are you going to miss it this year?




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