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Enero: sinónimo de rebajas

By | 10 January, 2018 | 0 comments


Although it may not seem like it, Christmas came, we enjoyed it (a lot) and now it’s over. Yes, a lot of months preparing for them and suddenly, where are they? Lunches, trips, family meetings, gifts … All that has already passed into our memory box and now it is time to look again and continue with our lives. We are already in January, the month that costs us all (hence the cost of January) but also in part, we love it.

January we like it because it represents the beginning and whenever we start something we put a lot of illusion. What would be our life without the purposes of the new year! And is that January is the month of the agendas, of the objectives, of registering in the gym and of course … Of the sales! Yes, they are here, they arrived a few days ago and we can all give each other caprice these days buying what we crave or that really makes us very excited. Give a new touch to our wardrobe without hurt in the wallet, is the best that brings us the month of January for everyone.

And what would Madrid be without its winter sales? Many people from different points of the world, plan their trips to Madrid at this time to be in the sales of January and is that they are really impressive. The best brands “throw the house out the window” and take out their most precious products at really “ridiculous” prices. The discounts occupy shop windows, labels and of course, the bags. Everyone wants to be able to do with what they have been waiting for months and that they are wishing they could have at a single price.

Where to go on sale in Madrid?

Sites you will not miss. That’s for sure. But everything depends on your style and above all, what you look for and what your budget is.

  • Salamanca’s Neighborhood. The more than well-known “Golden Mile” is also of course sales and among its most famous streets (Serrano, Velázquez, Ayala, Jorge Juan) you can find the most relevant and desired brands with great discounts that reach up to 70%. If you are from brands like Loewe, Chanel, Carolina Herrera and many others, this is your area. You will find everything you are looking for and at prices you can not believe. And of course there are the most representative stores of other well-known brands such as Zara, Oysho, HyM …
  • Malasaña. if you are more alternative, you like what is different, what nobody is wearing and your style is hipster … Malasaña is your place for sales. You will find clothes and pieces that nobody else will carry and now also, rebates. It is also a neighborhood with a lot of charm and you can enjoy something delicious and healthy in bars that you will never forget.

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