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13 años de historia, trabajo y esfuerzo.

By | 14 February, 2018 | 0 comments


13 years give a lot to everything, to learn, put into practice a thousand and one ideas and go working day by day focused on the satisfaction of our customers.
With this premise, a whopping 13 years ago, a February 14 (what better than the official day of love) of 2005, our hotel, the Hotel Nuevo Madrid, opened its doors to the public and from then until now, we continue giving it all.
In these years we have added experience, good times, learning, the odd moment a bit more complicated but we learned how to learn.
And it is that 13 years ago we were all younger, maybe not more beautiful (that age now helps to be better and get more out of us), but despite the years, something that we have not failed to have desire and enthusiasm of each day to work for and for this hotel that all his team, really, we love.

And to render a loving, since we open on February 14, homage to our hotel, let us tell you something more about him. The building was newly built, the imposing building that protects us every day and that gives shelter to our guests when they come to Madrid was erected from nothing. The first day of opening we sold … 9 rooms!
(It’s already more than Coca Cola that in its first year sold 25 bottles … And look now). A few days after opening, just a week, we were in 134 rooms sold and is that with little we did, the mouth – ear gave very good results because the hotel really, struck by its beauty and elegance. The ascent was fast, something to which we also had to adapt without losing a minute.

But everything was less difficult thanks to the impressive team that was always ready and “to remove” for any situation. A young team, with an average age of 25 years that the vast majority, is still working in the hotel today and is that for us, our customers and the hotel team are the greatest treasure and we must take care and have them always in high esteem.
A team that little by little was doing and building its strength as in its day the building did. Everything was based and is based on a philosophy of good work environment, professionalism and attention to detail something that we transmit to our guests every day
13 years give much or maybe little for all that we still have to do. We have matured, grown, learned and everything in the New Madrid is renewed day by day. Happy Birthday!

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