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Día Internacional de la Mujer – 8 de marzo

By | 8 March, 2018 | 0 comments


Today, March 8, let’s look where we look, we will see and we will hear about the Woman. And today is March 8 is celebrated with great intensity Women’s Day. A day that we would all like that was not marked in the calendar as something special or that there was also the Day of Man. But, since it is established and that this year also comes strong, let’s do what we like the most … A bit of history! And let’s know why Women’s Day is celebrated and why it is also today, March 8th.

Women’s Day commemorates their struggle (although the word sounds strong) of women for having an equal participation that man in all aspects of society (which is not fought to be equal but have the same rights), a a celebration that comes from a distance when, in 1910, the Socialist International decided to proclaim Women’s Day as a tribute to the movement in favor of women’s rights, but although it was decided to celebrate it, a particular day was not established. It was a year later, specifically on March 19, 1911 when in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark alone, the day was celebrated with certain meetings attended by more than 1 million people (women but also men).

A few days later, on March 25, the tragedy came because of the precarious work of women when 140 women workers died in the Triangle factory in New York. Women (almost all immigrants) who worked locked up in the factory and who could not flee during the fire in which the factory was involved. A real horror that alerted the world about the work situation of women and that caused consequences in legal aspects of women’s work.

Subsequently, in the following years (1913 and 1914) in Europe there were rallies on March 8 in favor of women, a practice that became a constant until March 8, 1975 the UN proclaimed such date as the International Day of the woman.
International Women’s Day must be a day of joint celebration because men and women need each other to have a perfect balance. We complement each other and we must have the same rights to walk hand in hand.

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