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La ruta madrileña de la Torrija

By | 28 March, 2018 | 0 comments


Easter Week in Spain is undoubtedly synonymous of Torrijas. That is so and who still put in doubt is that he does not live intensely gastronomic traditions that are influenced (as are the vast majority in our country) for some key date normally, religious and is that although you are not very Church affairs , eat and do well, we like everyone.

And since there is nothing more typical of Easter Week in terms of eating, it refers to a good Torrija and we are also in Madrid, we bring you the most important torrijera route in our city.

We are convinced that all the torrijas prepared with care and dedication are more than rich, whether they are homemade by our mothers – aunts – grandmothers or if we choose them from a bakery. Anyway, sure they will be incredible but if you are going to be in the city and you can not try them all, we leave you a small gastronomic route for you to choose.

  • La Duquesita (Fernando VI, 2). When you enter this little bakery, try what you try, you will not be able to stop going and that everything they have there are real treasures. In La Duquesita everything is special and the Torrijas, too. Made with brioche bread and dipped in milk infused with cinnamon and lemon, have their magic touch at the point of anise and cumin that they put.
  • Mallorca (Madrid everywhere).
    We make it easy so you do not have to search and search and that is where you go, you will find a bakery Mallorca where you can enjoy the authentic Torrijas of always more than rich. Also, if you only want to sin a bit, they have the authentic Torrijas but in “mini” format. You have to try them.
  • La Oriental (Ferráz, 47). For those who can not / want to take gluten or lactose, this is your best option. Torrijas without gluten or milk but are made with vegetable milk and gluten-free bread. Of course, their sugar can not miss them and that is why they are torrijas.

Options, there are many more but at least with this, you have where to start and with quality.



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