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Santa Street Market, el mercado dentro del Rastro

By | 18 April, 2018 | 0 comments

Santa Ana Street Market

Madrid does not stop reinventing itself. There is always something new for you to discover, there is always an interesting site for you to visit and have a really amazing time. If you like shopping, this is your city. If you like monuments, needless to say, and if you like markets … Of course, Madrid is unique! There are many types of markets and we love them all, so we could not resist and today we are going to talk about a very special one. It is not a market like the ones you may be imagining because it has something different, something unique and something special. Today we are talking about Santa Ana Street Market

¿What is Santa Ana Street Market?

Santa Ana Street Market is a market, a flea market inside another market or rather, within El Rastro. You can only visit it on the first Saturday of every month because Santa Ana Street Market is so special that it is not always available.

What will you find in it?

Shows, exhibitions, good and delicious gastronomy, music concerts to cheer you up, DJ’s, more than interesting workshops …

Where is it located?

Well, it could not be otherwise … In the middle of Santa Ana street. An authentic, unique, special, and interesting street (to say the least) where you will find everything. if you like decoration, you will be amazed by its amazing decoration stores and if you are into vintage … What a wonder!

There are bars, restaurants, perfect spaces to enjoy the culture because there are small theaters that will make you fall in love and to which you will return over and over again.

Who can sell at Santa Ana Street Market?

Anyone who wants to do so only has to request it and the organization will evaluate if what they sell is in accordance with the philosophy of the market because Santa Ana Street Market is the most neighboring market out there. It belongs to its lifelong neighbors, who are always in the neighborhood and want, every first Monday of the month, to do something special and unique.

Are you missing its next edition?

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