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El Madrid de los Austrias, el Madrid más histórico

By | 24 April, 2018 | 0 comments


Madrid de los Austrias is unique. It is filled with both history and unique places. An authentic neighborhood where, as it were, you can learn from each of its tiles a new chapter of the history of our country and of course, our city. You must visit, walk, know and, above all, live Madrid de los Austrias. What is the most authentic about Madrid de los Austrias?

What is Madrid de los Austrias and where is it located?

Madrid de los Austrias is known as the Austrias neighborhood, although it is literally not a neighborhood because it does not have an independent administrative authority. It is located within what is known as the “medieval layout of the city” and is part of the urban expansion that Casa de Austria (and its monarchs) began from Charles I and much more with Philip II who decided to definitely establish the Court (and with it the nerve center of Spain) in Madrid.

Therefore, the name of the neighborhood is a birthright because during the reigns of these two monarchs (between 1516 and 1700) the area experienced its maximum development and urban splendor.

The boundaries of the neighborhood

If you really want to know how long Barrio de los Austrias is, it is relatively easy and you just have to stand between Puerta del Sol and Palacio Real (from east to west) and from Plaza de Santo Domingo to Plaza de la Cebada (from north to south).

The must-see sites in los Austrias

If you want to sightsee this neighborhood without missing anything, write down these places well and pay them a visit.

–    Palacio Real.

–    Catedral de la Almudena

–    Calle Mayor

–    Plaza de la Villa

–    Mercado de San Miguel

–    Plaza Mayor

–    Puerta del Sol

And from here on, you just have to keep walking. Put on comfortable shoes and let yourself be impressed by a unique Madrid.

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