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Si se come bien… Tu evento triunfará

By | 30 May, 2018 | 0 comments


Eating well means being glad and happy … Under all circumstances! Therefore, if you want your guests to stay at your company event with a good sense in their mouths, you should always ensure that food is exceptional.

Food is the best asset you can invest on for your event to be exceptional because the goal of organizing a company event is to create a positive feeling in all our guests by turning the said event into something unforgettable, something they will always remember. And if something helps you create that feeling is, hands down, food you offer to your guests (breakfast or dinner).

In a work event, special attention should always be paid to gastronomy. The best practice is to organize and celebrate your event in a place with its own catering service because everything will be more agile, effective and everything will be more likely to go well. If you choose a hotel (as we do), it has a careful and specialized food service for events that perfectly know how the system works and will have everything studied and measured so that everything meshes like a perfect puzzle. If you choose a location where catering service is not available and you have to bring it yourself, you run the risk of missing something at a key moment; for instance: dishes are cold or you need extra space for assembly … As we always say, the most important aspect when organizing an event is that everything … is easy.

Likewise, when it comes to preparing the main food for your event, you must count on professionals who know perfectly what is most appropriate at all times. If you offer a coffee or even a big breakfast (companies are increasingly organizing breakfasts because they are much more productive and effective), you have to find the balance between sweet and salty, give options for all tastes and never offer too little but neither too much so that the costs of the event will not rise. Everything counts and everything is important. Also, if you offer food and guests have to work later on, you have to take into account that your meal is only for everyone to be satisfied and it is not too large or heavy and then nobody can work because they are sleepy.

If you want your event to be perfect, bet on a gastronomy for events … Exquisite food! And at the Nuevo Madrid Hotel, we are really up to that job.

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