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“El Parking”, la app para aparcar en Madrid

By | 10 July, 2018 | 0 comments


If you’ve the car in Madrid (or you plan to bring it), you’ve it easy because parking in the city has never been so simple before. ElParking is the most advanced public parking app in Madrid. The operation of this application is available in Google Play and App Store. You download, create a profile and you can make use of its four available functions: Find parking in urban areas (airports or stations), renew the ticket from your parking meter, use the toll collection or locate gas stations to refuel and pay to through the smartphone. Almost 1 million drivers already use it.

One of the most useful features of the app is the possibility of reserving a parking space in a public parking lot. Situations that seem impossible as driving to the Rastro on a Sunday or trying to park in the middle of a Saturday night because it is very difficult to find where to park now is possible, at least if you plan ahead. With ElParking you can find the parkings closest to the location where you are and save the place for the car. Through the app you can access the garage easily and the entrance and exit of the chosen parking will be unlimited. The payment method is simple, with the mobile. Avoiding tickets and invoices in paper format.

In cities as large as capitals tend to be, it’s advisable to use public transport, but when they make such practical applications available to the client, if you have a car and want to use it, parking will now be easier.


The ElParking application gives you a balance of 5 euros once the app is downloaded and discounted it in the first parking reservation. To make use of this discount, you just have to register and once you have confirmed the payment method, you must enter the LOVEMADRID discount code. The discount is valid to reserve a parking lot of 3 hours or more and can be redeemed until July 24. Once, the tikect of the parking is paid by the app, the 5 euros of gift will be reimbursed in a maximum period of 10 days.

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