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6 restaurantes sanos en Madrid

By | 24 July, 2018 | 0 comments


When we go on vacation, in most cases, we eat everything. In Hotel Nuevo Madrid we’ve a restaurant with a menu for all tastes and with seasonal products. However, if you want to go out to eat there are no excuses when the city offers you places with healthy food.

With this we don’t reduce the menu to salads and tasteless dishes. The offer is wide and varied. We’ve made a small list with 6 places to eat good and healthy in Madrid, and are the most desirable:



Known for its salmon poke. You will discover the world of salads with a very original point. Some come inside a pineapple shell. Everything very tasty. eye! Do not open on Sundays, write it down.

Honest Green

Its concept of fast-food has nothing to do with the big chains of junk food. Plant mixes of protein or salad with garnishes of vegetables are a must. You also have a modern-country feel that invites you to stay. It’s always crowded, but it’s worth it.


They have dishes for everyone. Vegetarians, vegans, … and their bowls leave no one indifferent, to the point that you do not need appetizers. There are cold and hot, sandwiches, breakfasts and cakes for the sweet tooth. The place is spacious and very quiet.

Levél Veggie

The top vegan par excellence in Madrid. Its cuisine is completely vegan and raw vegan. Not only are they healthy, they are delicious. From there you get surprised with your carrot falafel and the zucchini lasagna among other foods.

Moreto Green

Its plus is the terrace and have a brunch of the most challenging. From integral pastries to mixed juices and toast of all kinds. Everything is delicious and also is very close to Atocha, as the last stop before leaving Madrid.

Olivia te cuida

It is already a classic among the locals. Their delicious dishes are also abundant and you can find them in different points of the city because they are so rich that they have distributed premises.

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