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Las fiestas más castizas de Madrid en agosto

By | 3 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Las fiestas más castizas de Madrid en agosto

From August 1 to August 15, Madrid radiates color and joy. The festivities of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Virgen de la Paloma are celebrated. Vivan the Verbenas! The parties of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid dress up in color, music, food and drink stands, and they teleport us to the most “pueblerinas” (wich it means from the village) parties in the middle of August, so that those who are in the capital enjoy the most typical of the country without leaving the city.

They are the most awaited festivals of the capital during this time of year. A festive fortnight in which you’ll want to stay in Madrid and link a party in the neighborhood with that of the neighboring neighborhood. In addition, the expected programming is the most animated. Impossible to miss it!

To go by order. The first week of August, San Cayetano is celebrated (August 1 to 7) so it’s already. Run to the neighborhood of La Latina, El Rastro, … Let yourself be seen by Plaza del Cascorro and you will not want to leave there. From August 8 to 11 are the celebrations of San Lorenzo, and from 11 to 15 those of La Virgen de la Paloma.

At the parties in Lavapiés (San Lorenzo) there will be children’s activities, parades, championships, street theater and traditional lemonade and hot chocolate in the afternoon, all of them in the plazas of Nelson Mandela, Lavapiés and Ministriles.

The final auction will be the festivities of La Virgen de la Paloma, whose main stage will be in the Plaza de las Vistillas and Plaza de La Paja.

The San Cayetano program

Musical performances

  • Friday, August 3: performance of Poppy at 9:45 pm and Joe Twilight at 11 pm on the Cascorro stage.
  • Saturday August 4: performance of Kevin Bacons at 9:45 pm and Las Chilleres at 11:30 pm on the Cascorro stage. Performance of Silvia Superstar in Sala El Sol at 01:00. On the stage of Vara del Rey, there will be musical performances from 9:00 p.m. with the groups Chúngaro & Million Dollar Mercedes Band and Rastro artists who will sing gypsy flamenco.
  • Sunday August 5: will be the day of the street of the Bear. Your neighbors will haul your street to honor San Cayetano.
  • Tuesday, August 7: after the mass in honor of San Cayetano, at 7:00 p.m. the procession will cross the streets Embajadores, Rodas, Ribera de Curtidores, Plaza de Cascorro and return to Embajadores accompanied by a symphonic band.

The programming of San Lorenzo

Musical performances

  • Friday August 10: performances by Lin Cortés and Manglar from 23:00 on the Nelson Mandela Square stage.
  • Saturday August 11: performance of the Argentine singer Miss Bolivia at 22:30 on the stage of Argumosa Street.

The programming of La Virgen de la Paloma

Musical performances

  • Saturday, August 11: at the Vistillas at 23:00 the Mexican Sound Institute (IMS) will be on stage, known for being the creator of the main song of the animated film ‘Coco’.
  • Sunday August 12: performance of Soleá Morente with the group Napoleón Solo at 22:15 in the Plaza de la Paja.
  • Monday August 13: performance of the soul group Virginia Maestro in La Paja at 23:00.
  • Tuesday, August 14: Serbian screenwriter, filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturika with the band The Non Smoking Orchestra will perform at the Vistillas stage from 11:30 p.m.


*Photo: Don’t stop Madrid


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