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Galerías de arte en Madrid

By | 20 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Galerías de arte en Madrid

The city of Madrid has a wide and interesting art route. Spaces that house works by Spanish and foreign artists. New faces and some more familiar ones are mixed in the city. There are more traditional galleries, and others more risky, some bet for emerging artists, others for more international faces and some more established artists.

We have toured the city visiting the ones we found on our way and we are left with these that we quote below:

Max Star

This gallery was created in 1994 to help promote young artists and to consolidate those who are already known. The space has 350 square meters, located in the tourist area of Las Salesas, near Cibeles. They always exhibit works by artists who have their own and innovative language.


Near Alonso Martínez, this gallery opened its doors in 2014. Directed by Paloma González and Enrique Tejerizo. F2 represents Spanish and international artists, established and emerging. It also seeks to play an important role in the European art scene.


Since it was inaugurated in December 2005 with the exhibition “Picasso. Monopolies and engravings of the 20s, 30s and 40s “indicated from the beginning its international vocation. It collaborates with foundations and artists of great renown from the national and international scene. Its director is Adolfo Cayón and his gallery is a benchmark in Spain for almost mandatory. It is located in the Lavapiés neighborhood.

Parra & Romero

Since 2004, Guillermo Romero Parra opened his gallery whose project was based on the research of new languages. Its objective is based on the wide dissemination of contemporary art and innovative exhibitions.

Sabrina Amrani

Open space in 2011 with the aim of gathering proposals from established and emerging artists who invite their works to social, political or individual reflection. Its distinctive sign is the vocation for dialogue without addressing borders, but with special interest in the art of North America and the Middle East.

Enjoying art in Madrid is easy because of its offer in museums, galleries or exhibitions. It is enough to walk through certain streets like Doctor Fourquet in Lavapiés to jump one by one, because it is full. And if that is not the case, you are a list of the 5 galleries that have attracted our attention the best option if you do not want to wander around looking for good options.

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