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Las estatuas en Madrid

By | 21 August, 2018 | 0 comments

Las estatuas en Madrid

Madrid is full of statues and many times walking through its streets we run into them without really knowing what they are and what they do there. Most of the time we are left with curiosity and in this post we tell you the meaning and the history of some of them.

The reader of the Plaza de la Paja

In the Plaza de la Paja, next to the Palacio de los Vargas, on a bench we find the statue of a bronze man reading a newspaper. Whoever approaches will read about the newspaper a phrase that says: “Between all of us we rehabilitate Madrid”. This reader has been part of the plaza since 1998 and he tells us that in Madrid and abroad, the care of the capital, the common heritage, begins. This interpretation is broad and own as many others, from the richness of reading as a slogan to build a better city, for example.

The fallen angel of the Retiro Park

This famous statue is situated in the Retreat and represents the expulsion of Lucifer from Heaven. It is considered by those who believe in Evil as a door to Hell. A data that supports this interpretation is that this figure is located 666 meters above sea level, number of the Devil. It is not known if it is a coincidence or was placed at that height in a studied way.

The two baby heads in Atocha

These sculptures are called “Day and Night” and we find them in one of the exits of the Atocha Station. Both of the same size and it is about the same girl, suggest for the artist the passage of time, from day to night. One head has its eyes open and the other, closed.

The woman with a mirror by Botero

Located on Genova Street, next to Plaza Colón it is easy to see. It is an urban sculpture by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The sculptor gave Madrid this work after exposing his “fat” for 3 months and in view of the good reception he had. Despite being in a busy place in the city where the hustle and bustle during office hours is perpetual, the woman remains absorbed in her own essence, apart from everything when it happens and from prying eyes.

The sweeper of the Plaza Jacinto Benavente

In this square between Sol and the Lavapiés neighborhood we find a bronze man who is sweeping. This sculpture was inaugurated in 2001 by the then Mayor Álvarez del Manzano with the purpose of thanking this guild for its work in keeping the city clean. The costume of the statue corresponds to a classic uniform of the 60s.

Julia, the reader

This statue located on Pez Street at the foot of the Malasaña neighborhood is called Julia. This statue comes from a legend from the mid-nineteenth century when access to the classrooms of the university was only allowed for men. It is said that a girl named Julia, attended classes disguised as a boy. In 2003, its author was inspired by this story of struggle and improvement for his street work that he titled “Tras Julia”.


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