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Tapas en Madrid

By | 10 September, 2018 | 0 comments

Tapas en Madrid

Tapas on Crusty Bread – Selection of Spanish tapas served on a sliced baguette

The tapas of Spain are a hallmark of the whole country, although those of us who live here know that it is more prone in the south. However, the cover when you ask for a cane or a wine is a claim every time in more bars and today we bring you a few places in Madrid where the lid costs nothing and is insured.


The tiger is one of those bars that everyone knows because for very little money you leave with a full stomach. You ask for a cane and next to her they give you a plate with a generous and abundant tapa. It is full of foreigners and students, above all. There are two locations: one on Calle de las Infantas 23 and the other on Calle Hortaleza, 23.

The Respiro

The respite is a bar run by some Galicians who serve a delicious beer with some tapas scandal. The portions are generous and you are satisfied in all aspects. Very Spanish and very Galician all his dishes. This place is also on Calle de las Infantas, 34. So you can do a little tour to fill the stomach for very little without leaving that street.

La Pomarada

La pomarada is located in a fashionable neighborhood, Conde Duque. This bar is an Asturian with the most varied tapas and they change every day. We recommend 100% try the potato omelette, suitable for tourists and for the most fanatical of this typical Spanish dish.

Little Graná

This place makes a clear honor to the city that marks its name, Granada. The philosophy of tapas in pure state is found here. Specifically in the street of Embajadores, 124. Their tapas are more than generous and most Spanish. You will not want to leave.

Egea Brothers

This authentic bar Egea Brothers is also in the area of ambassadors, in the street of Batalla del Salado, 33 and to the surprise of many has a vegan menu. Their tapas are the most typical Andalusian tapas, anchovies, potatoes, etc.

The Abulense corner

The last of our list gives way to the region of Ávila where the tapas are homemade, homemade. Its location is privileged, in Calle Caballero de Gracias, 18. Next to Gran Vía, in the center. The good thing is that this street is not particularly busy and can become a treasure well hidden from the center so as not to resort to the typical places full of tourists.


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