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Tarifas negociadas para empresas en el Hotel Nuevo Madrid

By | 18 September, 2018 | 0 comments

Tarifas negociadas para empresas en el Hotel Nuevo Madrid

Traveling for work … is it a pleasure? Well, everything depends on how you approach it. What you can’t assume is a black hole in the financial health of your company, but neither do you travel uncomfortably. Neither one aspect is viable, nor the other. For this reason, from the Hotel Nuevo Madrid we’ve thought about the best formula for companies that visit us every day and above all, they trust us for their business trips: Negotiated Rates.

Business trips … No frights

Travel for business, but in a way if not quiet because work always has us a little stressed (although we should enjoy it more and suffer less) unless it’s, for sure and it’s that traveling for work the more organized and closed everything, better so that our mind and energy is absolutely focused on what really matters, the work.

Since we’re away from home, we’ve to sleep in a hotel, which is a great hotel, comfortable, comfortable with the extras – services that we’ll need most (a gym with sauna to clear us after an intense day of work, a good gastronomy,  a professional meeting rooms for our meetings …) and also, that doesn’t suppose any fright or fright for the finances of our company. Sometimes, work trips are a focus “of problems” for not having things properly tied from the beginning.

This, the financial surprises, is what you can avoid thanks to the Negotiated Rates that our sales team will offer you absolutely customized for your company and according to your / your needs. If your destination is Madrid at a professional level and you want to be in one of the most current, comfortable and best located hotels in the financial center of Chamartín, do not hesitate and contact our commercial department. They will listen to your needs in the city and design that negotiated rate with which you will always have an excellent room available at our hotel and with the best price … Negotiated in advance! Avoid the wear and tear that each time traveling means having to look for a hotel, compare prices, reservations with upgrades or specific needs … Negotiate everything together and work so that you are comfortable, we take care of ourselves.

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