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¿Cómo moverse por Madrid?

By | 8 October, 2018 | 0 comments

¿Cómo moverse por Madrid?

Madrid is a very accessible city. Almost everything is relatively close, but some things escape from our feet and we’ve to use transport to reach our destination. However, the options are varied and numerous.

Public transport

Public transport in Madrid is quite complete and we found two clear alternatives.

The subway

The metro network of Madrid is extensive and despite being a capital that isn’t excessively large (if we compare it with other cities) we’ve a number of lines that extend to the periphery that make the transfer much easier. Both the subway and the suburbs are two great options to get around. In addition, we avoid traffic. For this we need to take a card in the machines that are in each station and ready.


The bus is another public transport. Although it doesn’t go underground, it has a lane reserved for them, which helps to skip traffic queues. To get around by bus, just use the same metro card or you can pay in cash. Tours can be seen at each bus stop or on the internet.


BiciMad is a public bicycle rental system in Madrid. The bicycles are electric and there is a station every 300 meters. The minimum age for use is 14 years. There are different subscriptions, the annual, for those who live in Madrid. But if you are passing, you can get an occasional one. In each bike station there is a totem and you can select the option “Occasional Pass”, for one, three or five days. The card for this option is free, you simply pay for the trips made.

Other transports

In Madrid there are other alternatives for moving around the city. On the one hand, there are Taxis in the city and private companies that work through apps, such as Uber and Cabify. On the other hand, car and motorcycle rental companies have emerged that also work through an app. These companies are having a giant immersion into society for their ease and comfort.

Motorcycles and rental cars per minute are electric. They suppose a carelessness at the time of parking and there are so many, that you can find one, when you need it. Another medium that has recently appeared is skateboards that work in the same way.


The most ancestral option is to walk. Madrid is a city with many slopes and descents, but the walks through the city help us to know better the capital and discover secret corners.

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