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Puentes de otoño en Madrid

By | 25 October, 2018 | 0 comments

Puentes de otoño en Madrid

Madrid, Spain at Almudena Cathedral.

As in other dates, people prefer coastal tourism to inland tourism. In the fall things change and Madrid is especially well received by tourists these autumn months. Why is there more influx of people these days in the capital? We do not know if it depends on the good weather that still accompanies us, of the autumn light that is beautiful or that after summer, it feels like a city.

The fact is that Madrid in the fall has a very complete cultural agenda, so if you plan to pass a nearby bridge in Madrid, we’ll tell you what to schedule and what plans you can make.


The day of All Saints for the youngest known as Halloween, supposes the arrival of the North American traditions to Spain as a festivity more within our customs. Nightclubs, bars and restaurants are set and it is more common than we imagine to dress up. So, if you come to Madrid and want to party, it is convenient to make reservations because everything is full these days.


The parks are a hallmark of autumn and Madrid. There are many, both in the center and in the surroundings and we recommend going to at least one. In the center, there is the emblematic Parque del Retiro, which is beautiful with those brown tones. And to the south, next to the manzanares river is Madrid Rio or Casa de Campo, planazo for a morning or an autumn afternoon.

Coffee shops

The coffee shops with the arrival of the cold fill up. As in summer the terraces are the protagonists, in autumn begins to fancy a good cup of tea with a piece of cake, for example. For this occasion, we recommend Mür Café, a charming English-style café with a wide range of pastries. One of the best places to have a snack in Madrid.


Another of the great plans of autumn are the musical ones. Out of the most traditional, the great musical of the year, Anastasia, arrives from Broadway. The staging is a technological innovation. This work of 1997 is installed in the Coliseum theater of Gran Via in Madrid.

Madrid is a city to walk, very walkable despite the slight ups and downs. Simply walking through the center one perceives the culture and majesty of its buildings. Madrid is also full of museums and lots of cultural activities. And if not, just wander around to find a bar, a gallery, a shop … with Madrid you have to let yourself go and enjoy yourself.

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