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Comidas y cenas de Navidad 2018 para empresas… En Hotel Nuevo Madrid

By | 7 November, 2018 | 0 comments

cenas de navidad de empresa

Christmas, before we start celebrating and celebrating with the family, we also have to do it with those people with whom we spend most of our lives: our co-workers (who in some cases, have become friends). So to start the Christmas of 2018 by the top, the best way to say goodbye is celebrating with a good meal between colleagues!

You’ve been working all year. The results are sure to accompany and it’s time to celebrate. Before fire 2018, you’ve to organize the business lunch. And for that, the most important thing is to choose a good place, comfortable, attractive and that also assures us a more than delicious meal. Because we know how  important it is, our kitchen team, captained by our renowned Chef, have set to work to devise a very wide and complete range of Menus for Christmas lunches and dinners in 2018.

In the attached document you can consult, see and even dream of each bite, of all the menus we’ve devised.

The offer is complete because it’s our objective to cover all the needs and budgets of our clients and assistants. Choose between a more complete menu with all your steps (starters, first, second, dessert …) or a new cocktail more informal but very attractive … The choice is yours but if you need advice, our team of events is always available to help you in the selection.

We have taken care of the nutritional value of our menus, also the perfect balance between ingredients, originality, quality of course (raw materials of excellent origin) and, of course, the presentation. The final result, we can assure that it’ll be to enjoy and much, and even repeat next year but that will come.

The environment will also be part of a unique evening and is that we decorate the living room and each table with great taste and elegance to bring a special charm.

We want to celebrate with you and your company this year 2018 that has left us so much and go thinking about what will come for which nothing, we have it there, will start.

If you want to surprise your company this year with a “high” Christmas lunch / dinner, we invite you to download our CHRISTMAS MENUS OFFER 2018. For any questions, we’re always available.

*P.S. If you’ve cases of allergies or specialties in any type of food, we also have it contemplated so that everything is perfect.



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