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Estampa y Madrid Games Week en Ifema

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Estampa y Madrid Games Week en iFEMA

On October 18 IFEMA, presents: ESTAMPA, the Contemporary Art Fair, and on the other hand, Madrid Games Week, the Videogame and Leisure Electronics fair.


Estampa, the Contemporary Art Fair, and Ifema have agreed to jointly organize this next edition, thus expanding the range of references in the art world such as ArcoMadrid and consolidating it as the great autumn event of the art market in Spain. Read full article

Las fiestas más castizas de Madrid en agosto

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Las fiestas más castizas de Madrid en agosto

From August 1 to August 15, Madrid radiates color and joy. The festivities of San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Virgen de la Paloma are celebrated. Vivan the Verbenas! The parties of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid dress up in color, music, food and drink stands, and they teleport us to the most “pueblerinas” (wich it means from the village) parties in the middle of August, Read full article

48 horas en Madrid

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It’s officially summer, Madrid receive more tourists than usual, but with this heat is insatiable to be on the Street. What to do, to see and don’t die with these high temperatures ? We give you all the details so you can enjoy the city.
After a restful night, we take advantage to start the day with a good breakfast buffet in the hotel until 10:30 am. Read full article

Santa Street Market, el mercado dentro del Rastro

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Santa Ana Street Market

Madrid does not stop reinventing itself. There is always something new for you to discover, there is always an interesting site for you to visit and have a really amazing time. If you like shopping, this is your city. If you like monuments, needless to say, and if you like markets … Read full article

¿Por qué el 9 de noviembre es la Almudena y es fiesta en Madrid?

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Autumn is a nice season, full of unique moments to enjoy beautiful landscape and colours. Madrid lives autumn to the maximum, furthermore, these weeks we can enjoy several bank holidays so we can relax and have fun with our beloved ones: family, friends or… why not? On our own.

After the October 12th bank holiday (previously, Read full article

El mejor lugar para tu evento de empresa

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Organizing a business event is a great responsibility that undoubtedly requires all your attention and care. For this reason, the best thing you can do is putting all your dedication without delay.

When considering a brand event included in the communication and marketing strategy of the company, certain objectives are pursued: such aims should be crucial to achieve an event with great success. Read full article

La fiesta de la decoración cumple 25 años. Vuelve Casa Decor

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CASA DECORHappy times for decoration lovers because, in addition to the usual comeback of one of the most important meetings of this sector, this year is more important than ever. Casa Decor, an international reference for decoration is celebrating its 25 anniversary, a significant milestone worthy of commemoration that must be enhanced as it deserves. Read full article

San Valentín llena Madrid de corazones

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And it arrives, it always arrives: for those who fancy and love it and also for those who feel a bit reluctant about it but are kind of hopeful. In the end, the warmest day of the year, the loveliest, reddish one, it arrives. 

Yes, Saint Valentine is the saint who feels love in the deepest… He is about to arrive and all shops and everything around us are remind us about it. Read full article